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What's the Club?

The Northwest Cider Club offers the country’s best craft cider from more than 100 independent cidermakers, from the Bitterroot Valley in Montana to Oregon’s Willamette Valley to the famed orchards of the Wenatchee region in Washington state.

Become a member and you’ll receive a box or two of hard to find, expertly curated ciders each season.


Each season, you’ll open the door to the delight as you discover delicious new craft ciders, plus you’ll receive access to special opportunities to meet the cidermakers, learn about pairing and serving suggestions, and receive offers available only to members.


As a member, you’ll explore craft ciders selected by experts to represent the inventive range of the region’s craft cidermakers – plus you’ll receive exclusive bottles and pre-release ciders before anyone else.


Become a core part of the cider community and connect with other cider enthusiasts from across the US. Enjoy the fact that not only are you drinking delicious ciders but supporting small farms and businesses across the northwest.

Club Options:

Elevated Cider Club

A next level cider experience featuring four celebration worthy large size bottles delivered to you quarterly. Each Elevated Cider release will be $70-$90 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

Discover Cider Club

Hard to find, expertly curated NW ciders delivered to you 4 times per year. Each Discover Cider release contains six ciders and will be $50-$60 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

Discover Cider Club: 12 Bottles

Double the fun of the Discover Cider Club! Get two of every cider to save on shipping and share with a friend. Each quarterly Discover Cider 12 Bottle release contains twelve ciders and will be $100 - $120 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

Discover and Elevated Clubs

Join both clubs at once and get all the cider in one box! Experience the Discover Cider Club (6 bottles) and the Elevated club (4 large bottles) each quarter. $120-$150 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

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