Snuggle up with a good cider this season! Like your favorite novel or mystery read, each cider has a story to share. NW Cider Club’s Appley Ever After release is a characterful collection that invites you to drink in orchards and makers in the region.

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Each cider has a story to tell. Discover Appley Ever After begins in Oregon’s rich, fertile Willamette Valley, where wind, water and soil create the perfect orchard setting. Here, Salt Creek Cider House crafts Folklore, an heirloom apple cider with a mystique that whispers a story of barrel aging. Salt Creek’s most sought after, Rebel Rose Cider, proclaims a vibrant splash of deep rose color with rich fruit notes, a blend of heirloom apples with pears and Oregon marionberries. The cider story sips North to urban Portland based, Alter Ego Cider, where their Dark Royale, offers a brooding cider, brimming with deep wine-reminiscent hues and dark berry character. Through the art of fermentation, cidermakers share narratives with distinctly different voices, evoking an experience in every glass.

Nestled in Washington’s Skagit Valley, Alma Cider introduces a pair of characterful single varietal ciders. Gravenstein apples quietly rest in bourbon barrels, writing a tale of single varietal Wood-Aged cider, an offering that is both tart and bright, with deep forest notes. Alma Rosé cider, naturally blush-pink, is made of Airlie Redflesh apples from Bellwood Farm, in the far Northern reaches of Washington. From the eastern edge of the Cascade Range, in Bend, Oregon, Avid’s Golden Delish, appears bright gold in color, an off-dry cider, rich with the aroma of fresh-pressed juice, an imperial cider with a warming 8.5% abv, perfect for snuggling up with a hard core page turner. Like a good book you don’t want to put down, Appley Ever After invites you to get lost in the story of cider.

The Discover Appley Ever After release includes the 6 ciders listed below. This release is $59 plus shipping and handling. Email for a shipping estimate.

The Discover 12 Appley Ever After release includes 2 of each of the Discover ciders (12 total) and is $118 plus shipping and handling.

The Discover & Elevated Appley Ever After release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $148 plus shipping and handling.

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Avid Cider

Golden Delish 8.5% (12 oz)

From the eastern edge of the Cascade Range, along the Deschutes River in Bend, OR, Avid Cider shares stories of outdoor adventures and time spent in good company. Celebrating Oregon apples, Avid toasts where modern and mythic meet. Golden Delish, an off-dry cider, bright gold in color, with a rich aroma of fresh-pressed juice is crafted from an exclusive blend of seven apples. At 8.5% abv, this Imperial style cider warms away winter chills.

Alma Cider

Wood Aged Cider 7% (500 ml)

For seven months Alma Wood Aged Cider quietly rests in freshly emptied Valley Shine Bourbon barrels. Set in Washington’s rural, fertile Skagit Valley, this cider tale begins with early ripening Gravenstein apples, handpicked, and pressed fresh. At Alma, this single varietal gives a nod to cider traditions, speaking of nuanced flavors. This crisp, fresh, lightly carbonated cider offers notes of green apple, oak, hints of vanilla, caramel, and bourbon with a long finish.

Salt Creek Cider House

Rebel Rose 7% (500 ml)

Salt Creek Cider House’s prettiest and most sought after cider, Rebel Rose blends heirloom apples, pears and Oregon marionberries. The beautiful blushing rose color of the cider is perfectly matched on the palate by a medium body with a semi-sweet, fruit forward profile. Ideal for when you want to drink in a quintessential Oregon fruit bouquet, this cider is sure to make you fall in love, again and again.

Alma Cider

Rosé Cider 7% (500 ml)

This cider tells the story of a tart, colorful single varietal, crafted by Alma Cider using local Airlie Redflesh apples from Bellewood Farm in Northern WA. These unique apples are pressed, slowly fermented and lightly carbonated, producing a wonderfully complex, eye-catching rose cider, rich with anthocyanins. Thoughtfully aged 7 months, Alma Rosė tastes like spring in a glass, with notes of sour apple, small red berries, straw, and dried fruit. 

Salt Creek Cider House

Folklore 7.5% (500 ml)

Oregon’s rich, fertile Willamette Valley offers a perfect orchard setting. Salt Creek Cider House tells stories of these Northwest orchards through thoughtful cidermaker selection and blending. Salt Creek’s Folklore, made with heirloom apple varieties that offer complexity and depth, is a cider that also whispers of barrel aging. Crafted with apples from the Van Duzer Corridor and aged for several months, this cider entangles the drinker in a tale of terrior and flavor.  

Alter Ego Cider

Dark Royale 6.5% (12 oz)

Situated in urban SE Portland, Alter Ego Cider, is the “second self” story of Helioterra Wines’ celebrated woman winemaker. Alter Ego’s Dark Royale pours with wine-reminiscent hues and plenty of dark berry character. This cider has depth and a brooding spirit that comes from pairing black currants with Northwest apples. Dark Royale invites the drinker to lose themselves in flavor. Pair this selection with dark chocolate covered cacao nibs and a cozy, fireside reading nook.