The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

This limited-release club box is themed An Exploration of Pome Fruit and ships to club members beginning in June, 2024. While apples are the quintessential pome fruit that we all know and love (especially in its fermented form of cider), we wanted to show some love and appreciation to a couple other pome fruits: pears and quince. This spring release explores a range of tasty beverages made from apples, pears, quince, or some combination of these pome fruit. The Discover Club box includes a mix of 6 selections of unique, expertly curated cider offerings from around the Pacific Northwest. Taste the range of cider profiles featuring traditional cider apples, modern dessert apples, perry pears, asian pears, and quince.

Greenwood Cider (Washington)

Chojuro | Asian Pear, Single Varietal Perry

Greenwood Cider sources apples from local farms, small homesteads, and abandoned orchards in the Pacific Northwest. They combine traditional cidermaking with modern tastes, crafting a wide breadth of ciders brimming with local flavor and character.

Chojuro is a single-varietal perry made from 100% Chojuro (Asian) pears grown at Frog Song Farm on Fir Island in Skagit Valley. Semi-sweet with notes of ripe peach, honeysuckle, and a hint of minerality. Pair with a mild flavored cheeses, such as brie or manchego.

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Madrone Cellars (Washington)

The Isles | Ciderkin of Apple, Pear, and Quince

Madrone Cider works with local farms that practice organic farming and who uphold the values of sustainable agriculture. On San Juan Island, there are six farms they work closely with to source their fruit and other ingredients. Their mission is to produce quality ciders that reflect their long term goal of preserving the integrity of the ecosystem.

The Isles Piquette is a ciderkin made from the rehydrated apple, Asian pear, and quince pomace of their Salish Trio cider. Notes of lemon zest, apple skin, white flower, and light minerality. This cider is very light, low ABV, and refreshingly crushable. Pairs well with fresh shucked oysters.

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Alma Cider (Washington)

Perry | Made from 100% Perry Pear Varieties

“Alma” is the original word for the apple. In Spanish, “Alma” means soul, and in Latin, it means nurturing spirit. To Dave and Heather Klawer, owners of Alma Cider, Alma means putting their soul and spirit into knowing and respecting the land, growing the best possible fruit, and making the highest quality cider.

Alma Cider is a small family business established in 2019, born from a dream to spend the days working outside in nature and to grow an unparalleled cider apple crop. In addition to making cider, Dave and Heather work tirelessly operating Bitters & Sharps Orchard in the Skagit Valley of Washington State, where they are planting a 36-acre cider apple orchard as well as providing orchard planning, grafting, and consultation services.

Alma’s Perry is made from locally grown perry pears from the Skagit Valley in Washington State. Very dry with fruit forward flavors of the orchard. Crisp and bright with medium body and a lingering finish.

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Idol Cider House (Oregon)

Oregon Bittersweet | Blend of Bittersweet Cider Apple Varieties

Idol Cider House is an orchard based cider, growing more than 50 varieties of traditional English, French, and American cider apples on their Idyll Acres orchard.

Oregon Bittersweet is a semi-dry cider made from a blend of estate grown bittersweet and bittersharp traditional cider apples. It is rich, apple forward, and tannic with a hint of sweetness that rounds it out nicely. One of the best ciders you’ll ever find in a can. Pairs nicely with herb roasted chicken, smoked salmon, or yakitori.

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Heartland Ciderworks (Oregon)

Heart of the Valley | Blend of Community Sourced Apples & Pears

Heartland Ciderworks is a small cidery launched in 2023. Owner and cidermaker Elisio uses fruit sourced locally in the Willamette Valley, as well as community sourced apples and pears.

Heart of the Valley is a made from a blend of donated apples and pears from in and around Salem, OR. Over 6 tons of unwanted fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste were harvested for this cider, with proceeds donated to the Salem Boys & Girls Club. Crisp and fruity with light yeasty notes on the finish. A nice pairing for all your outdoor activities and gatherings.

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Greenwood Cider (Washington)

Cosmic Crisp | 100% Cosmic Crisp, Single-Varietal Cider

Cosmic Crisp Single Varietal Cider is made from 100% Cosmic Crisp apples, a varietal bred and grown by Washington State University’s tree fruit breeding program. Brimming with floral and juicy apple aromas, this cider is semi-dry and apple-forward. Notes of fresh apple juice, apple skin, Meyer lemon, and light anise on the palate. Pairs nicely with chicken salad or a grilled cheddar sandwich.

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