The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

This limited-release club box is themed “Discover Cider Styles” this second quarter of 2021. It includes a mixed-6 selection of unique, hand picked cider offerings. Join the club!

Cider is made by fermenting apples, perry fermenting pears. From there, the sky’s the limit! Cidermaker selections (from apples and yeasts to non-apple additions, like fruit and hops) give ciders a distinctive personality. This club release welcomes you to explore cider styles!

Blossom Barn Cidery

Front Porch Perry 5% abv (16oz) ~ Style: Perry

The story of Blossom Barn Cidery is a tale of Jeremy Hall & Erin Chaparro’s passion for Oregon’s alluring landscapes, sharing NW bounty with friends and their longstanding love. Nestled in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, Blossom Barn Cidery came to life in 2018, blending family farming, tradition & innovation, resulting in an eco-friendly perry orchard powered by solar arrays and maintained using the organic methods introduced by Jeremy’s parents many years ago. “Simply fantastic” is how their most fruit-forward perry is described. Front Porch Perry, a crushable offering made exclusively of pears is the perry style of our cider style box. This farm-juiced carbonated perry is smooth and bright with a refreshingly dry finish crafted from Barland, Barnet, Romanian, Bosc, and Comice pears grown on the Blossom Barn farm and on other nearby orchards in the Rouge Valley. Enjoy at a BBQ, while camping, or… on your front porch. Pro tip: perry means 100% fermented pears vs. pear ciders, which has a base of fermented apples with pear juice added.

Alma Cider

Hopped 6.3% abv (500ml) ~ Style: Botanical Cider

A family owned and operated orchard & boutique cider company, Alma Cider is situated west of the Cascade mountains in Washington. The cidery resides on land with rich native soils formed by resident volcanoes and glaciers, well suited for growing cider fruit. Alma blossomed from a dream to spend days working outside in nature, growing cider apples. Beginning with orcharding, then hobby cidermaking– Alma’s batches became increasingly, intentionally larger, until the first commercial offerings in 2019. Last year, Alma debuted a bright, botanical hopped cider, finished with a mix of Nelson Sauvin, Lemon Drop & Mosaic hops. This botanical blend was dry hopped in the cider for 3 days. The amazing citrusy, earthy botanical cider that resulted was immediately loved, cementing its recipe in place. In Alma Hopped, crisp apple combines with sharp citrus notes and a subtle smooth hop presence that lends to a balanced and refreshing taste. Enjoy on a patio in the summer, or any time of year.

Rain Barrel Ciderworks

Semi-Dry Hard Cider 7.2% abv (500ml) ~ Style: Cider

Nestled between the Elkhorn and Wallowa Mountain ranges in beautiful Baker City, Oregon, Rain Barrel Ciderworks is newer on the scene, and unless you live near Baker City, you’d be hard pressed to get your hands on a bottle. They’re producing craft ciders from sustainably-grown, locally-sourced ingredients and hand-selected yeast strains. Rain Barrel was born after years of experimenting in fermentation in the early 90s, followed by copious amounts of cider & perry making since 2009. Rain Barrel owner & chief cidermaker, Mark Crowder has a clear passion for fermentation and his science and engineering background make him the best kind of cider geek. Their quintessential all-apple cider (yes that’s a style) is Rain Barrel’s flagship, semi-dry cider. Modern apples are fermented to full dryness with a unique yeast strain that balances tart apple flavor with mouthfeel and complexity. A perceived hint of fruit sweetness accentuates the apple flavors and provides a lasting finish that is refreshing and crisp.

Liberty Cider

Garratza 7.5% abv ~ Style: Basque Style Cider

Cider has deep, rooted history around the world. NW cidermakers, like Liberty Cider in Spokane, Washington take inspiration from these international tastes and techniques. Liberty strives to re-interpret global styles in ways that honor origin as well as the NW region, while showcasing cider-specific apples. Inspired by traditional Basque sidra (or “sagardoa”) and the historic cider culture there, Liberty Garratza is made with Dolgo crabapples. In this cider, wild-yeast ferments and is allowed to mature with native bacteria, softening the acidic bite typical of Dolgos while providing a touch of the tart, funky, fruity character typical of sidra. Part of Liberty’s Craft Series, this dry and fruit forward offering showcases the wonders of lovingly grown, inland Northwest apples and pairs perfectly with Basque favorites like flank steak or Bacalao (salt cod), sheep cheese & olives. In the Basque country, cider is always consumed with food and sidra is actually “thrown” into the glass to further aerate the liquid (look it up!).

Greenwood Cider

Barrel-Aged Dry 8.5% abv (500ml) ~ Style: Barrel Aged Cider

Named for the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle in Washington, transforming “waste into resource” is part of the passion that fuels Greenwood Cider. Founded in 2015, Greenwood uses wild & foraged fruits picked in the city and from forests of the Pacific Northwest. Along with a wealth of more familiar Washington apples, Greenwood uses fruit from local farms, small homesteads and abandoned orchards. Being hands-on throughout the process– from press to finish–gives Greenwood cider a sense of place. In this barrel aged cider, Greenwood’s signature Dry Cider blend is aged for five months in whiskey barrels from Seattle’s Westland Distillery. Enticing aromas of stone fruit and kiwi are followed by bright apple acidity and a dry oak finish.

12 Bridge Ciderworks

Summer Daze 6.6% abv (12oz) ~ Style: Fruit Cider

The historic Oregon Trail ends just SE of Portland, in Oregon City, Oregon, where 12 Bridge Ciderworks hails its name from the dozen iconic bridges that criss-cross the metro region. “With all the mountains, valleys and waterways in the Northwest, we count on the bridges to bring us together.” 12 Bridge Ciderworks celebrates community in their local taproom. Here they present their fruit style cider and the return of a local crowd favorite, Summer Daze. This semi-sweet, limited, seasonal release, fruit cider is infused with strawberry and fresh Costa Rican pineapple. Summer Daze is unfiltered, bold and fruit forward, while still refreshing– an easy, enjoyable taste of summer in a can.