Savor summer with flavors that are ready for your adventures in our Picnic Perfect Cider Club release. This club explores unique offerings like: a low abv Piquette from boutique winery and cidery Madrone, a rose-colored cider made of red fleshed apples from Snowdrift, and a grandma’s-kitchen-inspired cider from Greenbank that brings strawberry rhubarb to your glass. 

Our Picnic Perfect Summer release ships in early June when you join by 5/18/22!

We bet you’re ready for the kind of summer that packs in the good times. The kind of summer that creates space for pauses, where you take in the awe of the moment and really taste life. Backyard barbeques, lakeside lounging, mountain top adventures– they’re calling and they want to be paired with cider. Inspired by bountiful, bold and beautiful flavors of the Pacific Northwest our Picnic Perfect Cider Club release has been carefully crafted to include ciders that go well with a wide range of summer fare or drink well on their own (we won’t tell if you want to drink your dessert!). So dig in and have some fun this summer. Pair, share & enjoy!

The Discover Club Picnic Perfect Cider release includes the 6 ciders listed below. This release is $59 plus shipping and handling. Email for a shipping estimate.

The Discover 12 Club Picnic Perfect Cider release includes 2 of each of the Discover ciders (12 total) and is $118 plus shipping and handling.

The Discover & Elevated Club Picnic Perfect Cider release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $148 plus shipping and handling.

Join the club and pack picnic perfect cider in your basket this summer!

Blossom Barn Cidery

Cherry Perry 6.9% abv (16 oz)

Blossom Barn Cidery celebrates Oregon’s state fruit, crafting “simply fantastic” perries on their solar-powered family farm, nestled in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Cherry Perry features Barland, Barnet, Romanian, Bosc and Comice pears combined with tart Northwest cherries. Pears and cherries co-ferment in this picnic perfect  sipper. This perry is not backsweetened, so it trends toward dry, pouring a beautiful rose-color and delivering plenty of fruit notes with the soft structure you’d expect from a perry. First crafted as a limited run in 2021 and now back by popular demand.

Pair with: brick oven smoked gouda, crostini and simple summer butter leaf salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette

Western Cider

Poor Farmer 6.5% (12 oz)

Western Cider’s dream was seeded a decade ago with the planting of apple trees. Since 2017, they have been crafting easy going and traditional ciders on the bank of the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. When summer calls, Western’s Poor Farmer answers. Clean and crisp; this cider is made for floating the river, cutting hay, barbecuing, hot springing, backyard projects, picnics and just about any activity made better with cider. Balanced, sessionable and ready for adventure, this flagship cider is crafted from 100% Northwest apples.

Pair with: a cold river or lake experience and good friends, no food required

Snowdrift Cider Company

Red Cider 7.5% abv (500 ml)

From the sunny orchards of East Wenatchee, Washington, Snowdrift Cider has been crafting world class ciders commercially since 2008. The family has been growing apples in the region for over 30 years, so it’s not a surprise that they have a picnic perfect rose-colored cider that you’ll want to enjoy over and over again. Snowdrift Red is stunning in both color and flavor, made from brilliant red fleshed apples only a couple generations removed from their native ancestors in the hills of Kazakhstan. This cider presents with bright acidity, packed with flavors of cranberries, watermelon, rhubarb & strawberries, finishing with soft toffee tones.

Pair with: fresh oysters, mussels, clams or other shellfish at your beach picnic

Madrone Cellars & Cider

Piquette 3.6% abv (500 ml)

Madrone, a boutique winery and cidery on picturesque San Juan Island in Washington is a must-visit stop for your summer adventures. Madrone Piquette is a cider made by saving the leftover pomace (the remaining dry pulp after pressing) of apples, pears, & asian pears, adding water and fermenting in open top bins. Eventually the Piquette cider is pressed again, after a long slow fermentation. This process produces a very unique and delightful low alcohol beverage. Sparkling, dry and refreshing, this cider is made with 100% organically grown fruit from San Juan Island. Only 125 cases were produced.

Pair with: mushroom, leek and goat cheese quiche for your brunch picnic 

Greenbank Cidery

Rhuby Tuesday 6.9% abv (500 ml)

Handcrafting ciders from their Whidbey Island, Washington orchard, Greenbank Cidery opened their doors in 2020. Inspired by grandma’s strawberry rhubarb pie, Rhuby Tuesday blends heirloom apples with Bell’s Farm strawberries and orchard grown rhubarb. This cider is finished with a kiss of almond extract and lemon zest. Close your eyes and drink in the deep fruity flavor of this fun and delicious semi-dry cider with a medium body and tangy rhubarb finish.

Pair with: deconstructed pie crust – try simple sugar cookies, or ginger snaps for a bit more bite, and drink your dessert!

Montana Ciderworks

Hopped Up 6.9% abv (500 ml)

Montana’s oldest cidery, Montana Ciderworks delivers an award-winning picnic perfect cider that will delight hoppy beer fans and cider lovers alike. Hopped Up is a complex, semi-dry cider crafted with heirloom apples from the Bitterroot Valley. After the apple ferment is complete, this cider is dry hopped with a unique hop blend that weds Continental (brown spice and herbs) with English (citrus and fruit) hop profiles. Complementing Fuggle and Sterling hop aromas offer bright citrus and evergreen notes on the nose. Unlike beer, crafting dry hopped cider means never boiling the hops so this cider is not bitter. Dry hopped ciders feature the finishing notes and herbal aromatics of hops.

Pair with: earthy blue cheeses, fish tacos, Thai or Indian curries (pairs like an IPA!)