NW Cider Club’s Taste of Place collection gathers flavors from across the Northwest. This late summer release invites you to sip your way from Boise, Idaho to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and into the foothills of Wenatchee, Washington. Join the club, give a membership or order a one-time box by 8/23 for mid-September shipping.

Taste what the regional harvest has to offer! Orchard fruits blend harmoniously with herbs and spices. Grounded in the terroir of the Pacific Northwest, Discover Taste of Place takes your taste buds on a journey including a selection of hidden gems from Boise, Idaho to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the foothills of Wenatchee, Washington. As the sun sets on another picturesque Pacific Northwest summer, celebrate the changing season with cider. 

The Discover Taste of Place release includes the 6 ciders listed below. This release is $60 plus shipping and handling. Email club@nwcider.com for a shipping estimate.

The Discover 12 Taste of Place release includes 2 of each of the Discover ciders (12 total) and is $120 plus shipping and handling.

The Discover & Elevated Taste of Place release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $150 plus shipping and handling.

Join the club and taste a new cider story.

Independent Perry

Semi-Sweet Perry 6% (375 ml)

Focused on fermenting pears, Independent Perry harvests from orchards planted in the foothills of Washington’s Wenatchee mountains, where the land has been farmed for over a century. Typically lower in acid than apples, pears contain (unfermentable) sorbitol, resulting in a soft, round profile and delightful natural semi-sweetness, reminiscent of biting into fresh fruit. Semi Sweet offers this quintessential taste of ripe pear. Aromatic and medium-bodied, this perry has notes of brilliant pear blossoms and vanilla.

Yonder Cider

Dry 6.5% (16 oz)

Sometimes taste comes from more than one place. Yonder Cider has roots both in the urban Ballard Taproom they share with Bale Breaker Brewing and the rural self-proclaimed apple growing capital of Wenatchee, WA. From orchard to Seattle city center, Yonder expertly brings a balance of creative and classic together. An easy drinker, Yonder Dry is a blend of traditional and modern cider apple varieties with bright notes of citrus, hints of orange, lime and tropical fruit.

La Familia Cider

Jamaica Hibiscus 5% (19.2 oz)

Founded in 2017, La Familia Cider is owned and operated by the Gonzalez family, first-generation Mexican immigrants. Settling in the Willamette Valley in the 1970s, Aquas Frescas were essential refreshment for the hard working summers of youth spent in Oregon’s strawberry fields. These flavors of childhood now inspire ciders with a taste of place rooted in Hispanic culture. Jamaica (aka hibiscus) blends whole, dried flowers with fresh pressed NW apples. Jamaica adds light floral notes and a touch of tartness, resulting in a crisp well balanced offering.


Foothills Semi-Dry 6.9% (500 ml)

Family owned and operated, Meriwether Cider offers two cider taproom experiences in Boise and Garden City, Idaho. Inspired by their unique life paths and the geography of the region, the Leadbetters, two parents and two daughters, combined their passions and skills to craft a wide array of ciders and engage their local community to become cider fans. Crafted from Pacific Northwest apples, Foothills Semi-Dry is a crisp, balanced, easy drinking apple-only offering reminiscent of champagne.

Yonder Cider

Coulee 6.9% (16 oz)

Another reason to love cider is because the aromas and tastes can transport you to another place. Yonder’s Coulee, crafted from Washington apples, offers a sip of cider sunshine wherever you are. Infused with pineapple, lime and a hint of cardamom, this invigorating combo is inspired by the mezcal cocktails of Oaxaca, Mexico. Coulee brings notes of juicy tropical fruit and bright citrus with hints of coconut, subtle spice and a light tannin finish.

Independent Perry

Ginger Perry 6% (375 ml)

Pioneering in their endeavor to exclusively craft modern PNW perries, Independent begins with freshly pressed D’Anjou Pears, always cold fermented and minimally processed to preserve the natural elegance of the fruit. In Ginger Perry, whole pears are juiced and fermented until relatively dry, lending a medium body and a clean canvas for subtle spice from fresh ground ginger root. Perfect for pairing and cocktail experimenting, expect crisp hints of ginger out of the glass along with D’Anjou Pear.