The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

This limited-release club box is themed Discover Washington this first quarter of 2021. It includes a mixed-6 selection of unique, hand picked cider offerings from around the state. Join the club!


Social Justice Cider

A rustic, dreamy, working farmscape is home to Finnriver Farm & Cidery in Chimacum, on Washington’s wild and rural Olympic Peninsula. A few steps from organic orchards, a converted-barn tasting room welcomes visitors with locally grown fare and an extensive selection of cider. Finnriver’s most popular, award-winning Black Currant Cider, takes on a new label and mission, as part of their Social Justice Cider Project; in an effort to shift energy towards greater equity and justice in our society by raising awareness of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) projects working for positive transformations in the NW region, and by sharing resources with the groups doing this vital work. This project benefits current and pending partners: Earthseed Seattle, Yasuke Commons and Nurturing Roots. In this delightful cider, bright apple fruit is balanced by currant complexity; sweet and sour notes, with a light sparkle and a purple blush.

Finnriver Social Justice Cider Project raises awareness and funds, with each bottle sale generating a $1 donation from the cidery, matched by a $1 donation from the customer. NW Cider Association and Club is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and happy to set our pricing accordingly to support this project, helping facilitate a 100% donation ($2 per bottle) to the featured project, with appreciation for the many efforts to advance social change. Want to get involved? Please read more here.


Snow Gem Perry

For more than 100 years, pear orchards have been part of the landscape and heart of Dryden, Washington where climates and soil come together to grow some of the best pears in the world. From the foothills of the Wenatchee mountains, Independent Cider’s Snow Gem Dry Perry, made from 100% estate grown D’Anjou pears, pays homage to this history. ‘Sno Gem’ is the original crate label used in the 1950’s to brand, market and promote pears from the orchards that grow Independent Cider’s fruit today. The Sno Gem label is still used to recognize high quality pears from these orchards. Independent’s flagship, Snow Gem Perry is crisp, clean, and citrusy. This offering is their work to create “something unique, familiar, yet fundamentally different.”


Symphony Blend Cider

Herb’s Cider is craft cider with a musical soul, produced by world renowned drummer, Tim “Herb” Alexander (of Primus and A Perfect Circle) and award-winning cidermaker, Chris Weir. Herb’s Cider, located in the heart of Bellingham, Washington is committed to using 100% organic Pacific Northwest fruit. The Herb’s Cider Team generously created a custom, Symphony Blend for NW Cider Club’s Discover Washington Box– exclusively debuting in the NWCC spring release, created with inspiration from amazing orchards across Washington state. The blend begins with two of Washington’s most widely grown apples, Honeycrisp and Granny Smith. Notes from craft cider orchards were then blended– a mixture of Foxwhelp bittersharp apples and Yarlington Mill bittersweets were used, resulting in an off-dry, apple focused cider with a well rounded character and lively effervescence that has not been released elsewhere! Floral, honeysuckle and pear blossom aromatics invite you into sips of crisp, tart, green apple flavors on the front palate, giving way to a light and balanced astringency. Notes of honey and wild thimbleberries linger delicately on the finish.


Pink Hearted Cider

East Wenatchee, Washington in the Wenatchee Valley is home to Union Hill Cider; a union of orchardists, cider fanatics, friends and family. Born from family farming roots, a sense of joyful curiosity and fueled by a passion for cider fruit, Union Hill’s cidermaking has a love for apples at its core. Union Hill thoughtfully grows cider specific apple varieties and works to create ciders that complement each apple’s unique characteristics. Union Hill Pinkheart Cider, is inspired by the beautiful pink blossoms of spring in the Wenatchee, that bring promise of a bountiful fall harvest. This cider is made with red fleshed apples that give a gem-toned blush to the glass. Pinkheart is crafted from Red Flesh and Cripps Pink apples and finished with Dabinett apples to round out the blend. A gorgeously pink hued, versatile cider, fit for any occasion, Union Hill Pinkheart is medium bodied with bright notes of red raspberry, rhubarb and grapefruit and a tart finish, reminiscent of red berries.


Grapefruit Cider

Seattle Cider, Seattle’s first cidery since Prohibition, brings craft cider to the heart of Washington’s largest city (and across the country!). Recognized for their bright, dry (and creative blends like Basil Mint), Seattle Cider has helped spark a passion for cider among beer and wine drinkers, as well as cider lovers. Trending away from overly sweet ciders, Seattle brings the natural, quintessential flavors of Washington apples to the forefront. Seattle’s Grapefruit Cider is a limited release offering; an unapologetically juicy cider, bursting with fresh grapefruit aroma. The profile is slightly sweet with a subtle bite. This cider shines from the first sip and pairs perfectly with your early spring outdoor adventures! Made from an easy-drinking blend of Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Gala apples, Seattle’s Grapefruit welcomes the return of spring with availability from January through April.


First Pick-Gravenstein (single varietal)

The sister company of Farmstrong BrewingRagged & Right Cider Project specializes in handcrafted, fresh-pressed, ciders out of Washington’s Skagit Valley. Farmstrong’s Taproom & Beer Garden is a local favorite in Mt. Vernon, where at least three of their ciders can regularly be found on draft along with craft beers from Farmstrong. Head Cidermaker, Jacob Mitchell is a celebrated part of the Ragged & Right team bringing a decade of cidermaking experience, hailing from Eaglemount and Elemental Cideries. Crafted without the addition of sugars or substitutes, Mitchell blends unique, delicious, and complex cider that bring drinkers somewhere between ragged and right. Ragged & Right’s First Pick Series, explores the unique characteristics of and pays tribute to, specific apple varieties. Each cider highlights the nuanced flavors of a different apple. First Pick Gravenstein present with a light nose, soft effervescence and lands on the palate clean with bright green apple notes.