Taste your way through our annual release of NW Cider Club’s Winner’s Circle! Experience a thoughtfully curated selection of 6 unique ciders featuring winning ciders and cideries from NW Cider Cup – the region’s decade old cider competition. Medal winning ciders crafted by independent Northwest cidermakers pair perfectly with this festive season. Order for your holiday hosting or gift subscriptions for cider lovers on your list! Join the club, give a membership or order or gift a one-time box by November 9th for mid-December shipping.

Enjoy a limited release botanical from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, a refreshing hopped cider from Union Hill, and a juicy blueberry cider from Swift. Sip and snuggle into the cold weather season with a bone dry, apple forward favorite from Alpenfire. This latest Winner’s Circle release delivers a sparkling selection of ciders perfect for your celebratory toasts.

Taste your way through the Winner’s Circle!

The Discover Winner’s Circle release includes the 6 ciders listed below. This release is $60 plus shipping and handling. Email club@nwcider.com for a shipping estimate.

The Discover 12 Winner’s Circle release includes 2 of each of the Discover ciders (12 total) and is $120 plus shipping and handling.

The Discover & Elevated Winner’s Circle release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $150 plus shipping and handling.

Join the club and taste winning ciders from the Northwest. 

Swift Cider

Blueberry 5.1% (16 oz)

Medal: Bronze

Category: Fruit

Savoring flavors of the PNW is what NW Cider Club cider is all about. Here, the late summer blueberry harvest is preserved as a delightful sipper, crafted by local favorite Swift Cider in Portland, Oregon. Serve casually in a jelly jar or get creative with cocktail blendings. Swift Blueberry brings together apple and blueberry juice balanced in easy-drinking semi-sweet goodness. Bronze winner in the competitive Fruit category at NW Cider Cup, Swift Blueberry is an effortless celebration in a 16oz can with floral and refreshing citrus notes that can brighten up any gray day.

Union Hill

Liquid Limber 7.8% (500 ml)

Medal: Gold

Category: Botanical Hopped

The gold medal winner in NW Cider Cup’s Botanical Hopped category, Liquid Limber is a cider made for the slopes. The orchardists, cider fanatics, friends and family that create and craft Union Hill offer a distinctive blend to get you limbered up. Liquid Limber combines grapefruit and Galena hops which greet the nose, promising a plethora of flavor. Tropical and slightly piny hop notes show themselves mid palette. In the finish, salt and citrus zest come through, rounding out the profile, urging you to take your next drink and enjoy some snow day fun.

Alpenfire Cider

Pirate’s Plank 6.9% (500 ml)

NW Cider Cup 2023 Best of Show

Alpenfire Cider was the NW Cider Cup’s 2023 Best of Show Winner and we wanted to celebrate that with one of their signature offerings. Pirates Plank has been with them since the beginning, first crafted with fruit from the 2006 harvest and called Extra Dry. This bone dry cider’s newer name, Pirate’s Plank, is a nod to the rich maritime history of Alpenfire’s home, Port Townsend, Washington. Estate harvested Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Foxwhelp, Muscadet de Dieppe apples go through a primary native yeast ferment, Champagne yeast finish, stainless steel maturation, 4 months neutral oak maturing and bottle conditioning before arriving at your door. 

2 Towns Ciderhouse

The Baddie 8% (500 ml)

Medal: Gold

Category: Botanical Herbed

Born from an all-women-led initiative between 2 Towns Ciderhouse and Pink Lady® apple, The Baddie is the 2023 gold medal winner in the Botanical Herbed Cider category at the NW Cider Cup. This cider celebrates the courage, strength, and grit of all women – empowering them to discover new and unique adventures, push boundaries, and challenge the status quo.  This cider, in addition to being superbly crafted, with additions of hibiscus and other floral botanicals  also seeds positive change. A portion of proceeds from sales of this light, easy drinker are donated to the Pink Boots Society, a national non-profit organization supporting women in the fermentation industry.

Union Hill

Wildwood 7.4% (500 ml)

A labor of love, this small-batch, bittersweet bubbly is a favorite all-season sipper finished in wine barrels. Distinct and sometimes unruly on the tree, the Union Hill estate apples in this blend (Fuji, Frequin Rouge, Redheart, Bramley Seedling, Dabinett and Kingston Black) can be difficult to grow, but are worth the effort because they are so full of flavor. The process of caring for these apples keeps harmony with the rhythms of nature around us, resulting in spice, wood, and baked apples that indulge the senses. Well-rounded and bitter sweet, layered in flavor, presenting with a fire colored amber hue, this cider is perfect for a cozy evening.

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Cellar Series: Oak Aged Blackberry & Blueberry 8% (355 ml)

We’re warming up for a cozy season with this punchy barrel-aged-berry cider from 2 Towns Cellar Series. Limited and small batch, this robust cider features a rich, deep blackberry backbone and floral high notes of perfumey blueberry all brought together with a balanced toasted oak nose. This imperial cider offers a complex combo that is a one-two punch for your taste-buds from award winning 2 Towns Cider in Corvallis, Oregon. Pairs perfectly with flannels and fireplaces.