Step into the Winner’s Circle and experience a thoughtfully curated selection of 6 unique ciders from Portland International Cider Cup winners including: timeless greats from trailblazing cidermakers like Finnriver and Tieton, hard-to-find bottles from makers you may already love like Liberty and Seattle Cider, and delightful discoveries from newcomer, Yonder Cider.

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Sip your way down the red flannel carpet of the Portland International Cider Cup with selections from medal winning Pacific Northwest makers. The cup offers cider lovers an easy-to-navigate bronze, silver, and gold medal dotted road map for selecting premium quality ciders. Portland International Cider Cup (PICC) began nearly a decade ago to set a high quality benchmark for cidermakers in OR, WA, ID, MT and British Columbia. This first club release of the year sets the tone for celebrating wins, learning and striving for the best.

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Yonder Cider Co

Yonder Bar Anniversary Blend 6.9% ABV (16 oz) ~ Heirloom Dry Silver

With a wealth of fantastic fruit and passionate, knowledgeable insiders at the helm, Yonder Cider came into the cider world in 2020 ready to win. Their Yonder Bar Anniversary Blend, a one-year-old birthday homage to the neighborhood Seattle garage bar where Yonder got its start, fulfilled the prophecy, earning a Silver medal in the Heirloom Dry category at Portland International Cider Cup.

Yonder’s mission is to make cider that’s as interesting and free spirited as the land it comes from, at only a year and half in, they are already doing just that! Yonder ciders are crafted from apples grown in the rugged, sun-drenched, windblown Wenatchee Valley of Washington state, where soil has been seasoned by glaciers and orchards are sheltered by rocky bluffs in the heart of America’s apple country. Yonder thoughtfully blends more readily available culinary, dessert fruits with harder to find traditional cider apples, which add complexity and interest to well balanced, easy-drinking ciders. True to the adventurous, yet laid back ethos of the brand, Yonder’s cidermaker, Tim Larsen plays unapologetically with robust flavors, unique additions and dabbles in creating craft cocktail flavor profiles tucked neatly into a cider can. These unique elements and the notable hustle of their founders have earned media and fan attention right out of the gate.

For this release, we secured the final run of the award winning, Yonder Bar Anniversary Cider, featuring  Wenatchee grown cider apples (including Marie Menard, Vilberie and Red Fleshed) along with a splash of Yonder’s culinary blend. This aromatic cider is rich and full bodied with a touch of spice and a beautiful balance. 

Serve with: Friends, an adventurous spirit, and pizza – any kind!

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Farmstead 6.5% ABV (500 ml) ~ Heritage Dry Silver

Finnriver Farm & Cidery is located on 80 acres of Washington’s wild and rural Olympic Peninsula in Chimacum. Since 2008, Finnriver has been on the forefront of the Pacific Northwest cider revival, serving as a beacon of sustainable practices and earning a role as a respected leader in the cider community. Finnriver’s mission to reconnect people to the land and grow community is realized through cider and through numerous other projects, including an organic CSA and Finnriver Grainery. A beloved destination for cider adventures, Finnriver Cider Garden is a gem of a gathering place – local food hub, music venue, and farm wares outpost located in a picturesque converted barn space overlooking apple and perry pear orchards, flower and grain fields. Over the years, Finnriver has gathered heaps of accolades and awards, including a Silver medal for their Farmstead Cider in the Heritage Dry category at Portland International Cider Cup.

One of the original Finnriver ciders, Farmstead is a dynamic taste of the region and season crafted from a blend of organic Washington dessert apples, a growing percentage of Finnriver’s ‘estate’ organically grown orchard fruit, and a cornucopia of homestead harvested fruit that local neighbors bring to the farm each fall. This blend includes 50+ apple varieties including traditional bittersharps and heirloom culinary apples (Wolf River, Bramley’s Seedling, Tom Putt, Valentine, Cox Orange Pippin, Melrose, Macoun, Dayton, Hudson’s Golden Gem, and more…), resulting in a complex, earthy, amber-colored cider with an aroma of warm bread and sweet apple. Farmstead offers a rustic taste of the ripe orchard; nutty with a sharp acidity that balances a gentle tannic finish. To achieve the desired profile, the cidermaker conducts a number of different ferments with different yeast strains to harvest subtleties from each, later combining them together for a cloudy yet clean farmhouse cider. Unfiltered lees lend body to this lightly carbonated classic country cider. A community project from apple to glass, ten cents for every bottle goes to the Community Wellness Project, dedicated to cultivating the health and wellbeing of Jefferson County, WA students and families.

Serve with: Enjoy a glass with a plate of sliced apple and hunks of aged, tangy cheese. Prepare the cider by chilling, then allowing the cider to warm slightly and serve in a Belgian-style tulip glass.

Seattle Cider Co

City Fruit 2018 6.3% ABV (500 ml) ~ Modern Dry Silver

The first cidery to open in Seattle since the Prohibition era and an early craft leader, Seattle Cider launched in 2013 with the goal of bridging the gap between wine and beer. Intent on showcasing the brilliant flavors of Washington apples, Seattle Cider, now well established with a local urban taproom and multi-state distribution, maintains their edge by continuing to innovate. Their talented team of cidermakers are ever curious – experimenting, developing, and rigorously testing new recipes, plenty of which have turned out to be award-winning, like our featured selection, City Fruit. City Fruit Cider, a collaboration with a Seattle based non-profit of the same name, took Silver in the competitive Modern Dry category at Portland International Cider Cup. 

City Fruit is a local non-profit dedicated to feeding thousands of local families through stewarding, harvesting, and donating fruit from Seattle’s urban canopy. City Fruit and Seattle Cider launched a unique partnership to put more city-grown fruit to use. Throughout the harvest season, City Fruit’s harvesters set aside apples that are unfit to donate to food banks, but are ideal for cidermaking. As an alternative solution to composting these apples to clean up city sidewalks and prevent pests from over-wintering, converting these apples to cider offers a deliciously drinkable solution, resulting in a dry tannic cider with over 40 apple varietals. Half of the proceeds from cider sales go to City Fruit.

Serve with: Bread and Circuses Mushroom Burger and a side of Gnocchi Tots (for dine in or to go!) at Seattle Cider’s tasting room, The Woods.

Tieton Cider Works

Apricot 6.9% ABV (500 ml) ~ Fruit Gold

The City of Tieton, situated at the top of Washington’s Yakima Valley, is the namesake for Tieton Cider Works, home to Craig and Sharon Campbell’s Harmony Orchards where apples were first planted in the 1920s. A third generation Northwest farmer, Craig first experimented with cider fruit, dedicating two acres to twenty-five cider varieties, planted in test blocks back in 2008. The exploration paid off. Today, Tieton boasts the largest acreage of cider apples and perry pears in the state of Washington, with 55 dedicated acres. More apples has translated into more cider and more accolades, including a recent Gold medal for Tieton Apricot Cider, earned in the highly competitive Fruit category of Portland International Cider Cup.

One of Tieton’s year round core ciders, Apricot is an offering that marries the blossom note nuances of seasonal stone fruit with the steady brightness of apple. Think crisp apple cider infused with a slight tang of apricot. In this cider, the apple notes play a supporting role and let the sweet tartness of the apricots shine. The taste of both dry and fresh apricot flavors are present throughout the cider. Floral on the nose, semi-dry on the palate with apple crispness, this cider is easy drinking all on its own or pairs well with a variety of light fare.

Serve with: Mild cheeses like chevre, mixed mesclun green salad topped with citrus vinaigrette dressing, cedar grilled salmon or a medium-spiced tomato based curry.

Liberty Ciderworks

55 Chain 7.5% ABV (500 ml) ~ English Bronze

Liberty Ciderworks was founded in 2013 with a simple mission: to use apples from local farms and fields to create unique, wonderful ciders. Nearly a decade later, Liberty has earned plenty of notoriety and awards including a Bronze medal in the English category at Portland International Cider Cup for their deeply delightful 55 Chain Cider.

Based in Spokane Washington, near the state’s eastern border, Liberty works in support of America’s cider renaissance, crafting cider inspired from traditions around the world with a passion and flair that is distinctly Northwestern. It always starts with the apples. The vast majority of Liberty’s fruit is grown among wheat and legume farms in the fabled Palouse (if you aren’t familiar – look this region up!). As a result of growing practices, rich soil conditions and climate (relatively dry, with warmer summers and chillier winters, compared to the more wet and temperate Seattle area), Liberty ciders begin with exceptionally sweet, flavorful juice, leading to inherently delicious, and sometimes richer hued, higher alcohol ciders.

55 Chain is part of Liberty’s limited release Artisan Series, which takes special inspiration from European ciders. This cider pays homage to the tradition of dry, tannic styles found in the English West Country, reinterpreted in ways that honor and speak to the climate and spirit of the Pacific Northwest. 55 Chain features tannic English apple varietals (including Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, and Brown’s), native yeast, oak barrels, and lots of time. By antique English measure, 55 chain is the height of Steptoe Butte, a famous landmark in WA state near where their apples are grown. This dry (1.004 final gravity), flavorful cider earned respect among judges at PICC and is also a 2021 Good Food Awards™ Winner.

Serve with: Sharp cheddar, figs and prosciutto, smoked duck, roast vegetables, or bread and butter pudding.

Yonder Cider Co

Sunnyslope 6.9% ABV (16 oz)

Yonder Cider’s playful approach to creating flavors that conjure craft cocktails made without the addition of spirits (think apples, fruit, herbs and spices) is something we find charming and immensely drinkable. As we look toward the promise of spring, we wanted to raise a glass to the innovative energy of fun new offerings, bringing our club members an opportunity to taste something you likely haven’t tried before. Sunnyslope, a bright celebration of apples, citrus and herb notes could very well be a future medal winner in a craft cocktail cider category (that doesn’t exist yet!). 

In Yonder’s Sunnyslope, bright flavors bring on dreams of sunny days with a pink grapefruit and lemon verbena cider. Inspired by popular pre-prohibition era cocktail, the Greyhound, this cider provides a twist with a subtle infusion of savory lemon verbena. Featuring Fuji, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Roxbury Russet, as well as a variety of Bittersharp Apples, Sunnyslope is beautifully tart and bursting with notes of citrus. Vibrant floral aromas conjure memories and bring hopes of warmer weather with a hue reminiscent of freshly squeezed grapefruit.

Pair with: A roasted root veggie and aged parmesan farm fresh omelet topped with kalamata tapenade or any sunny brunch fare.