The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

This limited-release Discover club box is themed Women Led Ciders. Available this first quarter of 2024. It includes a mixed selection of 6 unique, hand picked cider offerings from around the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Sign up now and get your box shipped right away!

Cedar Draw Cider (Idaho)

Le Fleur Botanical cider infused with lavender

Owned by a husband and wife team, Emily is the Cidermaker, fermenting and producing new ciders as her creative juices inspire her. Emily’s mission of educating those new to cider drinking, broadening people’s exposure to cider, and turning many folks into new cider fans is toast-worthy in itself.

Le Fleur is made by infusing fresh pressed apples with lavender, vanilla, and honey. The light floral notes are complemented by the honey and vanilla, making for a refreshingly balanced cider that is perfect for enjoying outside on a spring day.

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Yonder Cider (Washington)

Mazama Spring seasonal release infused with botanicals and orange peel

Founded by Caitlin Braam in 2020 with Monique Tribble as head cidermaker, Yonder Cider has been making waves ever since. Despite launching right at the beginning of the pandemic, Yonder Cider has become so well-known, it’s hard to believe they haven’t been around for longer. With a wide range of ciders, and packaging that is as crisp and beautiful as the cider itself, Yonder Cider is certainly worthy of a toast.

Mazama is a pear and apple cider infused with bright botanicals and punchy orange peel. Crisp and juicy, this cider is perfect for welcoming spring.

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Meriwether Cider Co (Idaho)

Hop Shot Dry hopped cider

Family-owned and operated by the Leadbetter family: sisters Kate and Molly, and their parents Ann and Gig. Leading the way as the first Cider House in Idaho, Meriwether Cider got their start in 2016. With a focus on modern style ciders made from dessert apples, Meriwether’s diverse cider offerings stand out in a small town full of breweries and wineries. Cheers to that!

Cider: Hop Shot is a semi-dry cider dry-hopped with Citra-hops. The hops are light and complementary, making for a refreshing crusher with distinct citrus and floral notes.

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Montana Ciderworks (Montana)

North Fork Traditional semi-dry cider

Founder and owner, Lee McAlpine, established Montana Ciderworks in 2002, making it Montana’s first commercial cidery. At the time, she planted 700 cider apple trees in the Bitterroot Valley to help retain existing apple orchards with histories dating back to the apple growing industry that began there in the 1880s, as well as to encourage more folks to plant orchards. That is certainly worth raising a glass to!

North Fork is a semi-dry English style cider made from a blend of traditional bittersweet cider apples and crab apples alongside Bitterroot Valley apples. This well crafted blend makes for a cider with balanced tartness, astringency, a just a hint of sweetness.

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Bauman's Cider (Oregon)

8th Anniversary Celebration Cider Limited release celebrating Bauman's 8th Anniversary

Fifth-generation farmer and head-cidermaker Christine Walter began making cider in 2016, drawing from her childhood experiences making cider from a hand-cranked cider press with her Grandpa Clyde. Today, Christine honors her family’s apple orcharding and pre-prohibition cidermaking legacy with a scrumptious array of ciders worth raising a glass to.

Eighth Anniversary Celebration Cider is a special blend of all of Bauman’s favorite cider apples with a splash of their whiskey-barrel-aged cider. Off-dry with notes of apple skin, root beer, and vanilla, with lingering tannins on the finish.

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Liberty Ciderworks (Washington)

Golden Russet Cider Single-varietal cider featuring the Golden Russet apple

Co-owned by two couples, with Sales Manager Jamie Pratt the face you’ll often see pouring cider at all the NW cider events, and Charlotte Hastings instrumental in supporting the cidery. Jamie’s passion to educate and inspire others to discover cider is worth clinking cider glasses to, not to mention her achievement in becoming one of the first Certified Pommeliers™ (the cider version of a sommelier) in the PNW.

Golden Russet is a semi-sweet single-varietal cider made from 100% Golden Russet apples, a variety which originates from the U.S. Golden Russets tend to be high in sugar and acid, making for a crisp and naturally higher ABV cider. This cider is rich and fruity with ripe tropical, apple, and stone fruit flavors and aromas.

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