Embrace those fireside-cozy-vibes and curl up in your favorite spot with a great book, and a beautiful glass of cider. Four hand picked 750ml (wine sized) bottles offer plenty to explore and share. Like finding a new author or title, we hope trying new ciders from different markets ignites your spirit of adventure. This special, limited release includes, a French style keeved cider, a Colonial New England style cider, a rose sparkling and single orchard bittersweet cider.

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Elevated Appley Ever After gathers 4 unique wine-bottle sized ciders from distinct apple growing regions of Washington state. This curated selection invites you to taste hard-to-find ciders, each with a story to tell. The adventure begins twenty miles south of Finnriver Cidery, in Washington’s wild and rural Olympic Peninsula, on Vista Ridge. Here, Vista Ridge, a special, shareable bottle from the cidery’s Sojourn Series, tells a tale of terrior; resulting in a stunning estate grown, vintage cider made with apples all from one place. Finnriver’s Autumn’s Blush, punctuates apples with bittersweet black currants, speaking in bubbles, sharing the tale of two glasses full of gem toned pink hued cider. Another story unfolds in Spokane, Washington, where Liberty Cider also crafts cider art. Taste explorers are invited into the depths of Liberty’s (micro-batch) Reserve Series, made with cider-worthy fruit grown in the Inland Northwest. The long story of cider is one of place both here and abroad and Liberty tells this with international flair and appeal. Liberty Lafayette uses the French art of keeving to express deeper fruit microflora notes. While Liberty Blackstrap, named for the molasses used to make it, is inspired by farmstead recipes from Colonial New England. Take a page from our book and sip on these ciders this season!

The Elevated Appley Ever After release includes the 4 ciders listed below. This release is $89 plus shipping and handling. Email club@nwcider.com for a shipping estimate.

The Discover & Elevated Appley Ever After release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $148 plus shipping and handling.

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Liberty Cider

Blackstrap 9.2% (750 ml)

Taste explorers are invited into the depths of a cider story inspired by colonial-age farmstead recipes in Liberty Blackstrap. This Reserve Series cider began as nano-batch. Still a very limited release, Blackstrap is named for the molasses used to make it. This “New England” style cider is a blend of Harrison and Virginia varietals, co fermented with raisins, local Juneberries and molasses. Force carbonated, this cider offers notes of pear, quince, tobacco and molasses, backed by chewy tannins. 

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Sojourn - Vista Ridge 9% (750 ml)

Finnriver Sojourn Series features cider apples grown at beloved, local Olympic Peninsula orchards. The apples for Sojourn – Vita Ridge come from a single orchard in Quilcene, WA. This fermentation features the orchard’s first significant harvest of bittersweet and bittersharp apples. This tale of terrior is completed with indigenous yeast (naturally present in the fruit) and bottle conditioned carbonation. A vintage cider, representative of a single growing year, this cider tells a story within a story, offering a superb taste of place.

Liberty Cider

Lafayette Cider 5.5% (750 ml)

In Spokane, Washington, Liberty Cider tells stories through fermentation. Ever exploring, with international flair and appeal. Liberty’s Lafayette, a small batch offering from the Reserve series, uses the French art of keeving to create a lower abv cider, made with inland NW grown apples. The “keeve” method stalls fermentation before complete dryness and expresses deeper fruit microflora notes. Light, yet complex, Lafayette expresses strong notes of ripe pear, applesauce, baked peach and banana. 

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Autumn’s Blush 6.5% (750 ml)

Finnriver tells a story in every bottle. Autumn’s Blush begins, inspired by a fondness for rosé hues. This beautifully bubbly cider honors a homegrown Finnriver tradition of mixing a french-style Kir cocktail, and blends the lines between trees and vines. Crafted with high acid organically grown WA apples, infused with a kiss of organic black currant to add depth and a pink hue, Autumn’s Blush is a poetic promise of the next harvest to come.