The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

This limited-release Elevated Club box features 4 celebration-worthy, 750ml (wine bottle sized!) hand picked cider offerings for this second quarter of 2021. Join the club!

Cider is made by fermenting apples, perry fermenting pears. From there, the sky’s the limit! Cidermaker selections (from apples and yeasts to non-apple additions, like fruit and hops) give ciders a distinctive personality. This club release welcomes you to explore cider styles!

Western Cider

Hewe’s Rouge Estate Cider 8.7% abv (750ml) ~ Style: Barrel Aged Cider

Located on the banks of the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana, the dream of Western Cider was seeded in 2012 when co-founder Michael Billingsley planted 2,500 cider apple trees in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Self proclaimed plain-speaking cider weirdos who can hang with the nerdiest of cider nerds and the gnarliest of dive bar flies, Western Cider team aspires to create an institution of great cider, good times and a life worth living in their far-flung region of the American West. “From the land of many mountains” 2019 Hewe’s Rouge is a traditional dry cider made with Hewe’s Virginia Crab & Frequin Rouge. A quintessential all-apple cider, a barrel aged style cider and much more… It’s Western’s fourth year marrying an American bittersharp with a French bittersweet apple. This blend spent three months in barrel and seven months in tank. Sparkling. Fresh apple skin. Assertive, but juicy. Elevation: 3,650 ft. Rootstock: Bud 9 & 118 – M111 / Planting: 2012 Dynamic textures.

Madrone Cellars & Cidery

Dry Hopped Cider 7.1% abv (750ml) ~ Style: Botanical Cider

Madrone is a boutique Winery & Cidery on San Juan Island, named for the Pacific Madrone tree– “a symbol of the Pacific Northwest & the islands we call home.” Crafted by a winemaker who asked, why not make a cider that employs the same elements as a fine champagne? Shaun Salamida crafted the first small batch of Madrone cider in the winter of 2017. Madrone has found a growing following of fans who share their view that cider should be appreciated for its acidity, depth of flavor and food pairing capabilities. In this release, Madrone Dry Hopped shines a spotlight on botanical ciders. With its balanced hop and tart green apple flavor, this dry hopped cider is for those looking for the perfect middle ground. Not wine and not beer, but a delightful change to your perception of what a cider can be. This cider is unfiltered and naturally fermented in the bottle. Balanced hop & tart green apple. Made from 100% Washington grown Honeycrisp apple + Citra & Mosaic hops.

Methow Valley Ciderhouse

Black Raven 6.8% abv (750ml) ~ Style: Fruit Cider

The Methow Valley Ciderhouse has been a destination in Winthrop, Washington for fifteen years, boasting an outdoor Apple Amphitheater in the new location since 2017. This large outdoor space welcomes visitors to eat and drink while enjoying live musical concerts, dancing & playing games. Deeply rooted in a sense of place, Methow Valley Ciderhouse is part of the Methow Made campaign, helping people who love the Methow Valley support local food and farm economy. They are also a certified Salmon Safe maker with a refundable bottle deposit for each of their 750ml glass swing top bottles returned to the ciderhouse. Black Raven, our fruit cider style pick is a Methow Valley’s most popular offering. Made from estate-grown cider apples infused with blackberry, Black Raven is an explosion of flavor, reminiscent of tart blackberry pie. We love this semi-dry, fruit-forward berry cider for summer celebrations. 

Westcott Bay Cider

Traditional Dry Cider 6.8% abv (750ml) ~ Style: Cider

At Westcott Bay, they believe “cider making is a blender’s art” using different apples from the orchard to blend for spiciness and astringency. This art is evidenced as 100% fresh pressed apple juice runs brown with tannin and clears to a brilliant amber-gold as the juice gently ferments and mellows. Westcott Bay’s longtime award winning ciders are crafted to be crisp and refreshing with a complexity and finish, using traditional cider apples grown on their beautiful San Juan Island orchard overlooking Westcott Bay on the north side of the island. Cidermaking since 2007, Westcott Bay Cider states, “If DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man represents perfection of form, our cider represents the perfection of an apple.” For a quintessential all-apple offering, we’ve selected Traditional Dry. This cider is a dry, crisp, full-bodied bittersweet cider with just a hint of sweetness and light effervescence. Traditional Dry complements apps, a full meal, or a social drink enjoyed with friends.