Taste the fruits of Northwest harvest like never before! Fermented apples and grapes, pears and plums fill four (750ml sized) shareable bottles. This luscious, elevated release includes a Pet Nat, a co-ferment, a single orchard, and a single varietal cider. 

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Taste the harvest in the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful patchwork of ripe fruit reaching readiness in the orchards and vineyards, across the coastlines and valleys of the region. This harvest-themed cider collection gathers four sharable bottles from OR and WA for a variety of tastes. Elevated Fruits of the Harvest invites you to discover Willamette Valley grown apples, pears, plums and grapes in Art + Science FruitNat; offers the flavors of a single orchard blended at harvest in Runcible Idyll Acres; helps you hone your appreciation for a single varietal with Alpenfire Dabinett; and marries grape and apples in synergistic co-ferment in Art + Science Symbiosis. Explore the fruits of harvest in this limited club release!

The Elevated Fruits of the Harvest release includes the 4 ciders listed below. This release is $89 plus shipping and handling. Email club@nwcider.com for a shipping estimate.

The Discover & Elevated Fruits of the Harvest release includes 4 Elevated and 6 Discover ciders and is $148 plus shipping and handling.

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Art + Science Cider + Wine

Fruit Nat 8.6% ABV (750 ml)

This garnet hued pétillant naturel (a French term that roughly translates to “naturally sparkling”) co-ferment of pear, apple, mondeuse noir grapes, and a kiss of plums brings home a taste of the harvest bounty from Oregon’s fertile, fruit producing Willamette Valley. Fruit Nat is barrel fermented and aged with native (naturally occuring) yeast, unfined and unfiltered. Art + Science notes this flavorful small batch ferment as zero/zero, referring to the lack of interventions or anything added (including sulfites).

Runcible Cider

Idyll Acres 7.6% ABV (750 ml)

This blend of Northwest grown French and English cider apples comes from a single orchard in Oregon, Idyll Acres. Runcible cidermakers taste and blend at harvest, thoughtfully contemplating and integrating what the growing season has produced. Bittersweet (high sugar, high tannin, low acid) and bittersharp (high tannin, high acid) cider apples offer the perfect building blocks for structure and balance. Lightly aged in Bourbon barrels for 18+ months, this dry cider is complex with notes of apple, citrus peel, spice and touch of oak.

Alpenfire Cider

Dabinett 6.4% ABV (750 ml)

Hone your appreciation for a single apple varietal, in this organic, estate grown cider from Alpenfire. Dabinett is a prized, high quality bittersweet cider apple that originated in Somerset, England. This late harvest apple is small in size with a smooth, waxy skin that hides a punch of tannins (think astringent, mouth coating sensation) and a full symphony of bittersweet flavors. It’s both balanced and nuanced when fermented and aged with care. Grown in the Olympic Peninula’s maritime microclimate, this cider is nuanced, and is best served 50-60°F.

Art + Science Cider + Wine

Symbiosis 10.8% ABV (750 ml)

Symbiosis is a 50/50 blend of foraged apples and Gruner Veltliner white wine from Johan Vineyards, marrying the often concurrent apple and grape harvests of Oregon Wine Country. This wine-cider hybrid is co-fermented (fermented together) for 3 weeks with native (non-propagated, naturally occurring) yeast using fresh apple juice on the skins of the Gruner grapes, then barrel aged for 10 months in oak and acacia. Crafted by wine and cidermakers, this sharable bottle holds a beautiful expression of fermented possibilities.