Nestle yourself wherever the flavors of these PNW ciders take you. Four hand-picked 750ml (wine sized) bottles in our Elevated Taste of Place release offer plenty to savor and share. Join the club, give a membership or order a one-time box by 8/23 for mid-September shipping.

Elevated Taste of Place offers a range of flavor profiles to watch the sun set on summer and welcome in the start of fall. From Idaho, Washington and Oregon, this selection of large bottles shows a wide range of fruit including blackberries, Cabernet Franc grapes and of course, apples.

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Puget Sound Cider

Blackberry 8.2% (750 ml)

In a downtown Renton, Washington antique shop, is a cider tasting room that you probably haven’t visited, serving ciders you don’t want to miss. Puget Sound Cider is literally named for place. This award-winning mom and pop cider company is committed to old world craft, offering small batch, ‘branch to bottle’ releases usually enjoyed by locals and shared here with club members. Puget Sound Blackberry, the perfect late-summer taste to savor, is made with a blend of WA apples and whole blackberries co-fermented together for a deep, complex flavor.


Rosé 6.9% (750 ml)

Local wine and cider are small, but growing categories in Idaho. Bringing them together offers a unique taste of place. Meriwether Rosé steeps Par Terre Winery Cabernet Franc grape skins in PNW apple cider, melding the best flavors of each fruit into a slightly tannic, effervescent, juicy cider that begs for a celebration. Pop this shareable bottle with a friend to commemorate a return to school, autumn solstice or just a fantastic Thursday night!

Puget Sound Cider

Kingston Blend 8.4% /(750 ml)

Crafted from apples grown and hand harvested in Ellensburg, WA, Puget Cider Kingston Blend predominantly features Kingston Black cider apples, considered one of the best cider apples in the world. In this blend, bittersharp, bittersweet and heirloom apples are cold pressed with their juices blending before fermentation. This flagship cider matures for at least five months before bottling, resulting in a flavorful, semi-dry cider that is well balanced with a nice floral note.

Kristof Farms

Orchard Cider 7.4% (750 ml)

Kristof Farms Orchard Cider hails from Yamhill County, Oregon, in the heart of Oregon wine country. In a county known for agriculture, heirloom apples mature in an ecosystem shared with bears and eagles. At the close of the 2022 harvest, the Kristof family, excited to share a taste of this special place, partnered with acclaimed Oregon cidermaker, Christine Walter of Bauman’s Cider to craft Oregon grown apples into flavorful, aromatic ciders. This orchard blend is balanced, robust and beautiful.