The Northwest Cider Club brings you into the heart of the craft cider movement—sharing the creativity and passion of more than 100 independent cidermakers across the Pacific Northwest.

The theme of this limited-release Elevated club box is Women-Led Ciders. Shipping beginning in March of 2024. It includes a mixed selection of 4 unique, hand picked cider offerings from around the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. Sign up now and get your box shipped right away!

Rootwood Cider (Washington)

Hop Infused Hop infused cider

Run by three sisters, Emily, Kate, and Anna Koenig, who are fifth-generation apple farmers making cider primarily with apples from their own orchards near Lake Chelan in Washington State. In a region that is well-known today for its wine but with historical roots in apple-growing, the Koenig sisters are keeping their family’s 100+ year apple farming traditions alive through cider – cheers to that!

Hop Infused pays homage to two of Washington State’s quintessential crops: hops & apples. Hop Infused is made from Pink Lady Apples and infused with Citra Hops. Lightly sweet with a hop-forward aroma and notes of pear, grapefruit zest, and hops on the palate, with a lightly bitter finish. The citrusy, tropical hops bring a unique aroma that blends smoothly with the the apple characteristics without adding any bitterness.

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Art + Science (Oregon)

Fruitful Pet Nat A coferment of apples, pears, and wine grapes

Art + Science Cider and Wine was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife team – with Kim Hamblin serving the artistic side, formally known as “head apple picker.” Kim has been a working artist for over 25 years, and is responsible for creating the gorgeous artwork that adorns each bottle of their cider. While that alone is toast-worthy, so is Kym’s dedication to growing seedling trees and using biodynamic and foraged fruit for all of their ciders.

Fruitful PetNat is a sparkling co-ferment made from apples, pears, and Grüner Veltliner grapes fermented with native yeast and bottled as a pet nat. Aromas of pineapple, white grape, wood chips, and white flower. Dry with mouth-watering acidity and notes of apple skin, white grape, and grapefruit.

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Cedar Draw Cider (Idaho)

Wickson Vixen Single varietal cider featuring Wickson crabapples

Cedar Draw Cider is owned by a husband and wife team – and Emily Mason is the Cidermaker, fermenting and producing new ciders as her creative juices inspire her. Emily’s mission of educating those new to cider drinking, broadening people’s exposure to cider, and turning many folks into new cider fans is toast-worthy in itself.

Wickson Vixen was made from Wickson Crabapples grown on their Idaho farm, and fermented with an English cider yeast. This cider is dry with lots of bold apple notes and tannin.

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Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse (British Columbia)

Bittersweet Blend of traditional English cider apple varieties

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse was founded in 2007 by sixth-generation farmer, Kristen Needham. Sea Cider’s organic farm and orchard on Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a dreamy place to sip cider with views of the Haro Straight in the Salish Sea just beyond the orchard. Kristen founded Sea Cider with sociability, sustainability, and community involvement at the core – that mission alone is worth clinking a glass of organic cider for!

Bittersweet is made from a blend of traditional English bittersweet apples. It’s semi-dry and sparkling, expressing the classic phenolic character of this coveted fruit. Notes of cut apple, orchard floor, and spice with a soft astringency.

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