PDX Today

By Ben McBee

December 12, 2022

Cider has long been a staple for holiday gatherings and in recent years it has found its way back onto people’s tables. In fact, cider was the only craft beverage industry in the Northwest to grow in 2021.

Similar to how beer styles can range from an IPA to a stout, ciders vary from tannic heritage ciders to sweet and distilled pommeaus (a mix of distilled apple brandy with apple juice).

Northwest Cider Association Executive Director Emily Ritchie and her team of “pommeliers” have put together tips for how to pair ciders for the holidays, with a focus on those that can be found at local bottle shops and grocery stores.

Apps: Cheese or charcuterie platter

Pair with: Traditional method sparkling cider
The idea: Think bubbles and ease when grabbing a shareable bottle of cider that is made with the same sophistication as sparkling wine, but crafted from uber-local Oregon-grown apples.
The pick: RAW Cider | Semi-Dry | 7.6% ABV | 750ml | McMinnville, OR

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