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Each cider box is a Pacific Northwest taste adventure.

Elevated Cider Club

A next level cider experience featuring celebration worthy large size bottles delivered to you quarterly. Now offering your choice of a 4-bottle ($90) or 6-bottle box ($125), plus tax & shipping.

Discover Cider Club

Hard to find, expertly curated NW ciders delivered to you 4 times per year. Each Discover Cider release contains six ciders and will be $60, plus tax & shipping.

Discover 12 Cider Club

12 Bottles: Double the fun of the Discover Cider Club! Get two of every cider to save on shipping and share with a friend. Each quarterly Discover Cider 12 Bottle release contains twelve ciders and will be $120 plus tax & shipping.

Discover + Elevated Club

Join both clubs at once and get all the cider in one box! Experience the Discover Cider Club (6 ciders) and the Elevated Club (6 large bottles) each quarter. $175 per box, plus tax & shipping.


How it Works

  • Choose the club option that is right for you. (See options below)
  • Sign Up for a membership and receive quarterly boxes of cider, tasting notes + other goodies.
  • Cider boxes ship out in March, June, September & December.
  • NW Cider Club boxes are curated and fulfilled by Press Then Press, the nation’s premier online cider shop.
  • You can update your address or make changes to your membership anytime, just email
  • Want to try it out before you commit? No problem. Buy a one time box.
  • Know another cider lover? Gift a membership or send them a one-time-box.
  • Want more cider? As a club member, you’ll get discounts year round on any additional cider orders from Press Then Press Cider Shop.
  • There are no signup or cancellation fees – just amazing, expertly picked ciders from the Northwest delivered to your doorstep.

Press Then Press donates a portion of all proceeds from your Cider Club to the Northwest Cider Association. Your club purchases help support the entire Pacific Northwest cider industry.

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Join the club and let’s toast to the tastes of the Pacific Northwest

Club Options

Treat yourself and your friends to a Cider Club subscription!

Discover Cider Club

6 Ciders
Quarterly delivery
$60 + tax, S&H
Mix of dry craft ciders


Elevated Cider Club

Choice of 4 or 6 Bottles
Quarterly delivery
$90 (4) / $125 (6) + tax, S&H
Celebration worthy large size bottles


Discover Cider Club: 12 Ciders

12 Ciders
Quarterly delivery
$120 + tax, S&H
Double the fun - get two of every Discover cider
and save on shipping!


Discover & Elevated Cider Club

12 Ciders
Quarterly delivery
$175 + tax, S&H
Join both clubs at once.
Get all the cider in one box!

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